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How to Check Silicone Wristband Quality

10. 15, 2018

There are various materials which can be used to create wristbands with, such like paper wristbands, plastic wristbands. 

However, silicone is always a perfect trendy material to make various promotional gift items. It is cost effective, eco-friendly and durable.


Silicone wristband is one of the typical types. This article will help you identify how to check silicone wristband quality?


1. Check its colors. The color of good silicone wristband should be bright. When you would like to place an order for mass production, you’d better provide your required pantone. It will also help ensure the accuracy of the color.

2. Check if there is any unpleasant smell. And you can also cut part of silicone wristbands and use a lighter to fire it. Genuine silicone wristband produces no odor, while for the fake ones there is ugly smell.

3. Check its touch. Good quality silicone wristband is smooth as the surface is with the special varnish finish.

4. Pull the wristband and check its elasticity. Inferior silicone wristbands are easily to get out of shape. Good ones are more flexible and resilient.

5. Check its size. There are several sizes for wristbands. When you check the wristband dimension, please cut it before you measure it. It is the right way to verify the size.

How to Check Silicone Wristband Quality


How to Check Silicone Wristband Quality


6. Finally check its surface and see if there is any scratch.

How to Check Silicone Wristband Quality

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