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Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed

11. 15, 2018

All business people will get a pen around. As one of the most popular corporate gifts and promotional items, branded with your logo and the pen would definitely delivery the message for you.


Are you still looking for the suitable and attractive type? No worries, we believe you can find the perfect match from the coming list with the most trendy pens.


Promotional Silver Barrel Style Ball Pens

 Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed

It is simple actually. However, it is the hottest styles this year. Apart from its low cost nature, the quality of this pen is well received. ABS pen body, rubber grip with metallic clip, which make it easy to carry and comfortable in writing.

The ample printing area will allow you to print your company slogan or messages on it. Even multi colors print is workable.

Many of clients feedback the writing is fairly smooth as we only adopt the superior ink. There is no any oil leakage issue as well.

Custom Cartoon Character Pens with Funny Hairs

Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed

Cute enough, isn’t it? Students and cartoon lovers will love it at the first sight of this pen. The colorful pen clip looks like the vivid tie for the cartoon. And the smile faces would relax people.

It is the ideal giveaway items for the snack food, beverage and toothpaste etc promotion. Especially for instant noodles, if you can match each character with the certain hairs and specified slogan, people would love to have a series of collection.

It looks fantastic, while the cost is quite reasonable. With low set up charge, you can get your logo and company information branded on the pen holding area.

Promotional Banner Pens with Custom Designs

Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed

The banner pens never go out of style. This is the improved banner pen design, which is stronger than the clear transparent type.


Contains an eye-catching stretched banner housed inside, you can have any preferred designs on the both sides without extra high cost print charge.


The laminated banners are waterproof and high tensional. Easy to pull it out while forceful and durable. More importantly, your message is sure to be kept handy and visible to the maximum extent.


The economic cost desk item creates a lasting impression. Custom your banner designs, use it to spread your company awareness.

Promotional Stylus Metallic Ball Pens with Logo Print

Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed 

Made of aluminum material, it is light yet premium quality. The large barrel branding area will make your branding messages and logo be seen from afar.


It would be the highly recommended corporate gift item because of the metallic texture, the simple and elegant look, and what’s more, the competitive cost.


The chrome finish look will make these pens stand out from the rest and make them a must writing tools for any of your target customers. You can choose it from a wide range of colors and it surely give your brand an unique look.

Promotional Branded Pen with Custom Logo

Most Trendy Promotional Pen Styles Exposed


Coming in a special look and a range of classic bright colors, these pens will help you promote your brand well.


You can either have your message on the top of pen body or across the whole pen as it has the plenty printing area. 

And the logo in white already looks standout under the bright colors background. In addition, it saves you the print charge cost.


It is very portable. And as personal items, it will be frequently used to sign contracts, or write down the meeting notes. With your logo or company information on it, it is obviously become a continual reminder to your business.


No matter which pen styles you go for, just rest assure that the return on investment from the Promotional Ball Pens would be worthy and fantastic. Contact us for more inquiry, there are thousands of pens for your options.